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Cart Abandonment

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If you are planning on an e-commerce solution for your website, or if you already have one, chances are that you are looking for ways to maximize the value it presents to your customers and, as a result, maximize your sales.  There are many factors that affect online sales such as website traffic, cart abandonment and many more. Online solutions such as those offered by Cloud IQ provide a retailer different ways to improve their sales. Here are some solutions to make a website more effective and profitable.


It is important to minimize the number of steps when ordering online. Customers are pretty impatient when it comes to ordering online.  They don’t want a lot of steps, especially a hassle.  In fact, one of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment is that there are too many steps in the order process.  Ideally, you want to limit the checkout process to one step. Anything longer and you are likely to see a high level of shopping carts being abandoned.  While it is true that these lost sales do not cost a retailer directly in terms of expenses, you do pay a hefty price in lost sales – both in that sale and future sales lost to negative word-of-mouth – and that will have a very real impact on the store’s growth. Next tip is to offer a loyalty or rewards program.


Customers like getting free stuff and are more likely to make purchases from businesses that give occasional freebies. A well-planned rewards program which rewards points with each purchase that can be applied toward a discount or add-on, provides free shipping on every fifth order, or gives a small gift for an order over a certain amount will build customer loyalty and repeat online orders. Lastly, it is also crucial to track abandoned orders. By tracking abandoned orders with the help of Cloud IQ, you potentially have the ability to contact customers who did not complete their order and ask why they did not complete their order. This is a great way to learn about issues present in your existing shopping cart and checkout process, as well as other issues that might be present such as product selection, pricing and unexpected costs.